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  • Vinyl
  • Powder-free, Latex-free, Non-sterile
  • Available in small, medium, large, and extra large
  • Beaded cuff, 5.9 mil finger thickness, 5.1 mil palm thickness
  • Provides a safe barrier to help prevent exposure to blood and fluids

Medical Waste 360 | Protecting Your Employees and Customers from Sharps and Needles

Learn How To Protect Yourself And Those You Care About

Every day more and more Americans are prescribed at home treatments involving the use of lancets, syringes, needles or auto injectors. These devices are often referred to as “Sharps” because of their sharp points or blades used to puncture skin for the purpose of drawing blood or administering medications. This leads to approximately 3 billion used needles and other sharps that must be disposed of outside of health care facilities each year.

Medical Waste 360 is here to help you take care of those who are most important to you. Our products help prevent unintentional finger sticks from used needles by taking the worry out of sharps disposal. Our MediGuard Synthetic Exam Gloves provide a safe barrier between blood and other bodily fluids for your protection as well as the protection of those around you. Then, once used, you can discard the gloves in to one of our dependable Portable Sharps Containers for safe disposal.

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