Protect Your Guests & Employees from Sharps Exposure with Medical Waste 360

Protect Your Guests & Employees from Sharps Exposure with Medical Waste 360

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Sharps & Medical Waste Solutions for Hotels & Hospitality

In hotels, airports, and restaurants, there is a high risk of needle sticks, cuts, and punctures from needles and other sharps because people are more likely to throw their sharps in regular trash cans. This is why we provide clearly labeled sharps disposal containers that can we used in restrooms or other designated areas where they are clearly visible and accessible to employees and guests. When readily accessible, sharps disposal containers can decrease risk to employees and guests alike.

Medical Waste 360 provides simple solutions for the safe storage and convenient disposal of used medical sharps for the hospitality industry, and multi-location hotels and resorts. We understand the importance of a clean, comfortable and safe environment for your guests, and the impact it has on your success and profitability.

Medical Waste 360 | Protecting Your Employees and Customers from Sharps and Needles

Learn How To Protect Your Guests & Employees

Medical Waste 360 is here to help you prevent unintentional finger sticks and take the worry out of sharps disposal.

  • Convenient delivery of safe, compliant sharps disposal containers
  • Free collection, shipping, and disposal of filled used sharps containers
  • Disposal solutions compliant with safe disposal guidelines, local laws, and regulations
  • Wall mounting brackets available to save space and keep out of reach of children

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