Protect Your Employees & Customers from Sharps Exposure with Medical Waste 360

Medical Waste 360 | Protecting Your Employees and Customers from Sharps and Needles

Affordable Sharps & Medical Waste Solutions for Restaurants

In restaurants, there is a high risk of needle sticks, cuts, and punctures from needles and other sharps because people are more likely to throw their sharps in the trash. Sharps disposal containers should be provided in restrooms or another designated area clearly visible and accessible to employees and guests. When readily available, sharps disposal containers can decrease risk to employees and customers alike.

Medical Waste 360 provides simple solutions for the safe storage and convenient disposal of used medical sharps for restaurant operators and chains, and multi-location companies. We understand the specific needs of the restaurant industry and how important worry-free used sharps disposal is to the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Medical Waste 360 | Protecting Your Employees and Customers from Sharps and Needles

Learn How To Protect Your Employees and Customers

Medical Waste 360 is here to help you prevent unintentional needle sticks and take the worry out of sharps disposal. Every day more and more Americans are prescribed at home treatments involving the use of lancets, syringes, needles or auto injectors. These devices are often referred to as “Sharps” because of their sharp points or blades used to puncture skin for the purpose of drawing blood or administering medications. This leads to approximately 3 billion used needles and other sharps that must be disposed of outside of health care facilities each year.

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