Clean Your Slate – 3 Tips from Arwood Waste to Make 2019 the Best Yet!

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Your friends at Arwood Waste would like to wish you a Prosperous, Rewarding and Productive New Year!

Small changes can have a big impact on your year. Here are three tips to start your New Year off strong!

#1 Simplify your environment.

Take a few minutes to walk through your home or business and ask yourself, “What can I get rid of here?” HELPFUL HINT: If it hasn’t been used in more than a year, it’s time to go.

If you have a newer version, don’t keep the old one around ‘just in case’. Have a stack of half done projects? Make a realistic plan to get them finished. Keeping them around only acts as a reminder of half-fulfilled efforts.

A purge of your physical environment brings clarity and space for vision in the atmosphere of your home or business.

#2 Share your abundance with others.

When sorting stacks of stuff, consider what might be donated, recycled or re-purposed. Things you have no need for may be just what someone else has been searching high and low to find. If you don’t have interest in holding a yard sale, you can give your unwanted items new homes by donating them.

Thrift stores are a go-to option, but consider checking with other local non-profit organizations. Zoos and animal shelters are often in need of blankets, towels and long lists of miscellaneous items. Schools and teachers also have uses for unwanted supplies for projects, crafts or classroom decorations.

Check out The Recycle Guide for more ideas on places to drop off your unwanted items or information on how to recycle them.

#3 Plan space for growth.

You can’t add a new healthy habit, project, or vision to your plate without letting go of an old one. Set yourself up for success with your New Year’s plans. Start by evaluating what’s on your plate now. Decide what can be delegated, modified or simply stopped. Then put that newly found time and energy into this year’s goals and habits.

Make Room For the New

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We look forward to serving you throughout the New Year!

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