PortaLogix Portable Toilet & Hand Wash Delivery Trucks – Proudly Recommended by Arwood Waste

PortaLogix Portable Toilet & Hand Wash Delivery Trucks - Recommended by Arwood Waste

PortaLogix – Solutions Designed for Successful Portable Restroom Companies | (585) 484-7009

PortaLogix offers over 50 years of combined industry experience in the portable restroom business. They understand the importance of proper routing, logistics and maximizing the efficiency of service trucks.

Get More Done with One Truck (585) 484-7009

The unique PortaLogix service truck with patent pending design brings you profitability through efficiency. PortaLogix service trucks come with dual side service ability as well as water access from all four corners of the waterbed. The trucks also have the ability to carry up to six portable restroom units at a time.

Carry more water, remove more waste and dramatically reduce the number of delivery and pick up runs. PortaLogix service trucks are excellent for emergency service calls. All of this means more responsive service from you, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

PortaLogix service trucks are proudly made in America.

Improve Your Operations

Let the PortaLogix team guide you through their logistical solutions and equipment options. One phone call can improve your day to day operations and your bottom line.

Call PortaLogix at 1-585-484-7009 to get started today!

PortaLogix Portable Toilet & Hand Wash Delivery Trucks - Recommended by Arwood Waste

Not Offering Portable Sanitation Services? Grow Your Business!

Thanks to PortaLogix, providing portable sanitation services has never been easier. If you are in the waste industry and not offering portable sanitation, you could be leaving money on the table from current and potential customers. Portable toilets and hand wash stations give your business in-demand products to expand your exiting waste services. With the PortaLogix service truck, you get a convenient, all-in-one system to manage your new portable sanitation service.

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To learn more about PortaLogix, visit them online at www.PortaLogix.com or call them at 1-585-484-7009.