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Tire Removal Jacksonville, Florida


You may be able to reuse a couple of old tires for tree swings and planters, but if you have tires taking up your space, we can help. Most local garbage collection services won’t accept your old tires, but we will. We offer affordable, full-service and environmentally friendly tire removal services.

Our teams are licensed, insured and trained to safely remove your unwanted tires. Contact us for a quote and we’ll provide you with a price that will include labor, transportation, recycling and disposal of your old tires.

Tire Recycling

Tires don’t belong in a dump. It is estimated that nearly 300 million scrap tired are generated annually. That’s a whole lot of landfill real estate. Recycling gives these old tires a new life. The materials salvaged during recycling can be used in asphalt to resurface roadways, molded into new products, or used as surfacing for playground equipment.

When we remove your old and unwanted tires, we’ll sort through them to make sure anything that can be salvaged for reuse it separated. Tires that cannot be reused will be sent to the appropriate facility and processed for recycling.

We value the well-being our community and the environment which is why we are serious about our commitment to responsible disposal. We do everything we can to conserve natural resources, reduce harvesting of new materials, minimize waste contributed to landfills and prevent harmful chemicals from being released into the environment.

Simple, Affordable Junk Removal Prices

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Serving North Florida and Southeast Georgia

For general junk removal, pricing is based on the size and weight of your items and starts as low as $37. This means you pay by volume, not how long it takes to load your items. The more items you have us remove, the better the value because our prices are cheaper in bulk.

Step 1: Book Your Appointment.

Call us at (904) 751-2177 or Book Online Now to get started. Choose a preferred day for your service and we’ll get in touch to confirm the details and schedule. We do out best to accommodate your needs.

Step 2: We Haul Off Your Junk and Leave It Clean!

Once our team arrives, just tell us what needs to go. Our estimates and pricing include all fees for pickup, removal, recycling and disposal of your junk. After your items are loaded, we make sure your area is clean.

Step 3: We Handle the Responsible Disposal and Recycling

Arwood Waste is environmentally friendly and we are a GoGreen certified company. Minimizing environmental impact and giving back to the community by recycling, reusing or donating as much as possible is very important to us.

How to Prepare for Your Junk Removal Appointment

We value your time and want to make the junk removal process as easy as possible. Here are a few tips on preparing for your appointment.

Identify Your Junk

Make sure you know where all the junk items are currently located. Create a list and label them with notes or colored tape. If your items are spread over multiple rooms or floors, don’t worry about moving them. Our teams are trained to safely lift these items, and have special equipment to use when necessary. Heavy lifting is part of our junk removal service.

Group Small Items Together

If you have a lot of smaller items hanging around, gather them up in bags along with any loose rubbish. The process of gathering smaller items may help you identify larger items you don’t want to move yourself. This will also speed up the process when our team comes to haul your junk away.

Locate and Separate Hazardous Materials

Oil, solvents, batteries, paint, asbestos, medical waste and other hazardous materials need to be processed separately. These items require specific disposal methods to protect the environment and for the safety of our crew. Let us know if you have any of these items when you book your junk removal service so we can make the proper arrangements for their disposal. Label and separate them (if possible) from other junk items.

Environmentally Friendly Junk Disposal and Recycling

Arwood Waste is dedicated to reliable and responsible junk removal and disposal. We always aim to meet or exceed expectations and it’s this philosophy that drives us to not only follow applicable environmental requirements but to go beyond them and seek creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever we can. We pride ourselves on being accountable to the community by emphasizing environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. We support recycling education efforts like The Recycle Guide that provide information and resources for our communities. Between recycling and donations, we keep as much as 80% of your junk out of landfills.


Much of the materials we haul can be donated and reused, so we make sure to identify and donate any reusable furniture, electronics, clothing and home wares to local charities whenever possible. Even salvageable construction debris is donated to Habitat for Humanity. We feel it’s important to take care of our community, and one of the ways we do that is by making sure nothing goes to waste. Our socially responsible practices ensure your old junk is put to good use and kept out of landfills whenever possible.


Recycling your junk matters! We make every effort to recycle items that cannot be salvaged and reused. Some of the materials we recycle include paper, electronics, metals, glass, concrete, construction debris, drywall and furniture. When items are dismantled for recycling, components that contain hazardous materials are removed and disposed of separately. By recycling your junk, we help save natural resources, reduce harvesting of new materials, prevent harmful chemicals from being released into the environment and reduce the growth of landfills.


When items cannot be reused or recycled, we make sure they are disposed of properly. Many junk items contain chemicals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury that can be harmful to health and the environment if not disposed of properly. These chemicals are released into air and water when they are crushed in landfills and should never go in your regular household garbage. We take safe disposal of these harmful materials very seriously, which is why we meet all regulatory requirements, often adopting our own higher standards to protect the environment.

Committed to Responsible Disposal

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Tips on removing junk in Jacksonville, FL

How much does junk removal service cost?

Rates are dependent upon where you live, the type of junk and amount of it. Junk removal companies typically have a minimum charge of $50 to $125 for coming out and picking up small loads, such as a single piece of furniture, a few bags of junk or a kitchen appliance.

Larger cleanups that require more manpower and labor will often run several hundred dollars or more depending upon the scale of the cleanup. Construction and demolition (C&D) debris cleanups typically cost more than a general household junk removal job.

The average cost ranges between $150 and $500, but large jobs (e.g., construction site cleanups, multiple) can run several thousand dollars.

Will they haul away asbestos or other hazardous debris?

Some do, but most cannot. The proper licensing is required to haul hazardous debris in most jurisdictions across the country. Always ask the junk hauler if they are licensed to accept hazardous materials anytime you need the following items hauled:

  • Refrigerators and air conditioners
  • Construction debris with asbestos or lead paint
  • Flammable liquids or explosive materials
  • Lead-acid batteries, such as a car battery
  • Household hazardous wastes

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