Tips for Using a Rental Dumpster When Moving

The moving process presents many challenges and often, more than a few headaches.
Even before the home is listed for sale, it’s recommended to begin de-cluttering and
removing things that are broken and no longer needed. That level of cleaning typically
means a large amount of trash, too much to be added to a regular pick-up. A rental
dumpster can be the ideal solution when preparing for a move.
Things to Throw Out When Moving
Make the most of a rental dumpster by disposing of items your regular trash pick-up
won’t take. When moving, plan to get rid of those things you no longer need and that can’t
be recycled, donated, or sold. This may include things that are broken or simply worn
out, ranging from your children’s old plastic sandbox to broken lawn chairs, rugs,
bookcases, mini blinds, and that ceiling fan that’s been in basement storage for years
because it hasn’t worked in a decade.
Certain items can’t go in a dumpster. This list includes but is not limited to materials such
• Paint
• Solvents
• Motor oil
• Televisions
• Computer monitors
• Refrigerators
When to Rent a Dumpster and Where to Place It
The best time to rent a dumpster is before the house is placed on market, if possible.
Some prospective buyers will understand if they come to see the house and the dumpster
is in the driveway, but it won’t be doing your curb appeal any favors. It’s not the end of
the world if it’s still there by the time buyers come looking, but if it has to be, be sure the
dumpster is out of the walkway, allowing easy access to the home. It shouldn’t block any
doorways and if possible, don’t position so it blocks the garage door. If the dumpster has
to be placed on the street, check with your city to see what permits may be needed.
Dumpsters: Size Matters
Ordering too large of a dumpster can stress your moving budget, but you do want to have
enough space to accommodate your waste. Dumpster sizes (and prices) can vary by state
and by company. On average, a 10-yard dumpster holds approximately 10-cubic yards of
waste, while a 20-yard dumpster holds about 20-cubic yards of waste. The latter is about the equivalent of five to six pick-up trucks filled with waste and debris.
Safety Tips for Dumpster Use
Always dress in durable clothing when loading items into a dumpster. You want to avoid
being scraped or cut by any nails or other sharp objects. Because of the height of the
dumpster wall, you may consider using a sturdy step ladder. Using sturdy steps can
reduce stress and strain on your back and shoulders when tossing items into the dumpster.
Never let children plan in or around the dumpster. Keep pets away as well.
A rental dumpster can be a great solution to the excess debris and waste generated when
preparing for a move.