Securing Dumpsters Prior to Severe Weather

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Securing Dumpsters Prior to Severe Weather

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Logistically, removing all the dumpsters and portable toilets from every job site is impossible. Our service area is large and the window in which we must prepare is extremely small. We will maintain our normal service schedule leading up to the hurricane’s projected landfall. However, if we are unable to make it to your job site before you need to prepare, we suggest a few simple and helpful ways you can secure the dumpsters and toilets.


Securing Dumpsters Prior to Severe Weather

  • Cover dumpster preferably with netting and use rope to secure. You could also use plywood, heavy items, machinery etc. to keep debris from flying out of dumpster.

Securing Portable Toilets Prior to Severe Weather


It’s critical that you secure your portable toilet rental properly before the storm makes land to prevent damage to them or caused by them. You can do so simply by using the following strategies:


  • Weigh down the unit with two or more concrete blocks or sand bags placed on the floor.
  • Secure the unit to a strong l-shaped structure or sturdy tree using a cable, strap, chain, or well-made rope.
  • Park heavy equipment around the unit to block the storm from it
  • Whenever possible, transport the unit to a garage or place it as close as possible to a building.
  • Secure the door to the portable toilet.


Remember, if your portable unit is damaged because of the storm you could be liable for damages unless you purchased a Damage Waiver from your provider.


If you have any additional questions regarding what to do to secure your dumpsters, portable toilets, Damage Waivers, or would like to have your equipment picked up before the storm call us at 1-800-477-0854