Dumpster Rentals and Recycling Tips that will help the Environment

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Dumpster Rentals and Recycling Tips that will help the Environment


Dumpster Rentals and Recycling Tips

  1. Be part of the recycling loop – purchase only items made from recycled materials.
  2. Reduce paper and ink — print double side and black and white.
  3. New insulated, double pane windows can slash energy loss by 40% per window.
  4. Learn to ride your bike or public transportation—it helps reduce emissions.
  5. Buy local products – it cuts down on fuel to transport and supports our local community.
  6. Turn if off when not in use – lights, television, DVD player, computer, etc.
  7. Fill your dishwasher and washing machine with a full load – save water electricity and money on cleaners.
  8. Do your weekly shopping in a single trip to save on gas.
  9. Turn down your water heater setting to 120º – it will mean extra pennies in your pocket.
  10. Hang out clean laundry to dry on clear days rather than tumble drying it.
  11. Defrost your fridge and freezer regularly to keep it running efficiently.
  12. Set your thermostat a couple of degrees higher in summer and a few degrees lower in winter—it will save energy and reduce your bill.
  13. Look for the “Energy Star” when purchasing new appliances.
  14. Learn to compost! It saves money on fertilizers and your plants will love it.
  15. Donate your household items to a local charity like Goodwill or Salvation Army instead of tossing them in the trash.
  16. Caulking leaks around windows, doors and vents is an easy way to cut energy loss.
  17. Get creative in your gift-giving—make your gifts or buy tickets to an event or movie or donate to a good cause.
  18. When your incandescent light burns out, replace them with low-energy compact fluorescent tubes.
  19. Install low-flow showerheads and take shorter showers to save water, energy and money.
  20. Recycle your aluminum cans – 1 can saves enough energy to run a computer for three hours.
  21. Find out where your local recycling centers are by visiting our website at www.egtrashrecycleservices.org.
  22. Reuse totes and bags when going to the grocery store or mall – reducing the need for plastic bags. Recycle your plastic bags at any retail store in Elk Grove.
  23. Use rechargeable batteries.
  24. Update insulation in older homes to make it more energy efficient.
  25. Use old calendars, colorful pictures, etc. to make your own envelopes.
  26. SPCA and pet shops appreciate old newspapers.
  27. Recycle your old magazines –give them to doctor or dentist offices, gyms or friends.
  28. Uninsulated ducts can lose 10 to 30 percent of the energy used to heat and cool the air they carry.
  29. Styrofoam doesn’t degrade. Find a substitute, if possible. Don’t buy styrofoam peanut packaging – but if some comes your way – reuse it!
  30. Don’t let faucet taps leak or drip water. A running faucet uses 3-5 gallons a minute.

Recycling is something that everyone can easily do, and it really does make a big difference. Here are some simple recycling tips that you can make and stick to.

  • Recycle all my Paper (i.e.: junk mail, boxes, magazines, envelopes, food boxes), Bottles and Cans (aluminum, glass, metal, and plastic).
  • Buy products with little or no packaging and buying the largest size you can use. (This not only saves the amount of materials being thrown into trash or recycling cans, but also saves money!)
  • Buy reusable quality products such as non-disposable cameras, reusable or electric razors, reusable dishes, mugs and utensils, and have your child carry lunch in a reusable lunch box.
  • Bring your own mug to get coffee. Paper cups waste money and landfill space. Plus, bringing your own cup to local coffee houses can save you money.
  • Buy products that are made with recycled materials. (Look for paper products that contain post-consumer content.)
  • Take only what you need (i.e.: refuse unneeded give-a-ways, bags, or flyers).
  • Save gas by using our E-tran public bus transportation or carpooling to work.
  • Compost your backyard trimmings as well as your fruit and vegetable scraps.
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