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Construction Dumpster Rental Saint Paul, MN

Roll Off Dumpster Rental in Saint Paul, MN

Roll-off construction dumpsters for jobs of any size

Arwood Waste Saint Paul, MN Division offers a variety of roll-off and construction dumpsters that are ready to meet the needs of any-sized construction or demolition project. From a small renovation or landscape project to a new building constructions, Arwood Waste provides the right-sized dumpsters, a reliable waste hauling service and competitive prices that will keep the project on time and on budget. Arwood Waste offers purchase, leasing and rental options for a variety of roll-off dumpster sizes and styles, as well as waste hauling service and maintenance options.


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Arwood Waste Management offers the best rates on roll off dumpsters. Keeping your construction site clean and free of debris is good for safety, appearances and helps keep up worker morale. Plus, a trashy work site can make it hard to keep your project organized and on-track. Our roll-off dumpsters are great for construction and demolition sites as well as smaller projects like residential remodeling.

Here are some of the ways you can use our rolloff dumpster services: yard waste, construction tear outs and remodeling, bathroom renovation, roofing debris, kitchen renovation, disaster recovery and cleanup, cardboard recycling, metal recycling, driveway removal, demolition projects, and so much more! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the roll off dumpster sizes we offer.

Sturdy Support and Design

Our dumpsters are sturdy and built with a heavy-gauge steel construction that will handle any waste thrown its ways, including concrete, metals, roofing tiles, drywall, wood, carpet and any other heavy or big items that can overwhelm your site and crew if you don’t have the proper waste removal solution in place.

The roll-off construction dumpster design makes it easy to place and pick up these dumpsters, no matter how much debris and trash you’ve loaded into it. The open tops make disposing of the trash simple, no matter how large the debris, furnishing, large blocks of concrete, trees, or whatever is in the way. Our construction dumpsters are able to handle trash, debris and garbage of any size.

Construction Dumpster Waste Hauling

Arwood Waste backs up its construction dumpster rental with reliable, on-time waste hauling and support service. Whatever size and style of dumpster you’ve rented, Arwood Waste will handle the removal and dumping, leaving you to worry about your project and not the trash it generates. And with the roll-off construction dumpster design, trash removal is convenient and fast, causing minimum disruptions on the job site.

Contractor Dumpster Rentals

Arwood Waste Management offers the best rates on roll off dumpsters.Arwood Waste understands that contractors have big waste removal needs. We offer a range of roll-off commercial dumpster sizes that are perfect for any sized job. Our contractor dumpster rental service is ideal for housing remodels, re-roofing projects, demolitions, new house and commercial building construction. The open-top design will make it easy to keep your site clean and the roll-off loading system will make waste hauling convenient, no matter what the job.

Roll-Off Dumpsters for Recycling

Arwood Waste offers a full-range of recycling options for our roll-off construction dumpster services. Materials like cardboard, steel, concrete, waste water and yard rubbish can be conveniently collected and affordably recycled with our construction dumpster service. Recycling materials through Arwood Waste’s commercial dumpster service can help improve your business image while also improving our community by helping provide a cleaner environment.

Competitive Pricing

Construction dumpsters are priced on the size of the dumpster, the weight of the trash and the costs for hauling the waste. We offer purchase, leasing and rental plans to meet any construction or renovation need. Arwood Waste offers competitive pricing and superior service. Be sure to call Arwood Waste first at 763-219-1276 to get roll off dumpster rental prices or for any other construction dumpster and waste hauling needs in Saint Paul, MN.

Expert Services and Support

Arwood Waste Management offers the best rates on roll off dumpsters.The experts at Arwood Waste can help review your construction, landscaping or remodeling project to make sure you have the size and service that will keep your construction site clean and orderly. On the job site, not only is having the right sized construction dumpster critical, so is having it positioned in the right way to make sure its easy to access and makes tossing waste and debris easy and convenient. If you’re in Saint Paul, MN and need a waste removal solution, call Arwood Waste today at 763-219-1276 to rent a dumpster today!

Roll-Off Dumpster Sizes

Arwood Waste rents a full range of construction dumpsters. No project is too small or too big. Even if it’s just a few pickup loads, renting a dumpster from Arwood Waste will save time, money and headaches while making the project easier to finish.

Roll-off construction dumpster options include:

10-15 cubic yard roll-off construction dumpster.

  • Great for landscaping, small renovation projects.
  • Holds 5-6 pickup truck loads.

20 cubic yard roll-off construction dumpsters.

  • Ideal for a medium-sized project, garage clean out.
  • Holds 10 pickup truck loads.

30 cubic yard roll-off construction dumpster.

  • Perfect solution for commercial construction, residential renovations.
  • Holds 15 pickup truck loads.

40 cubic yard roll-off construction dumpsters.

  • Great for large construction projects, new home construction.
  • Holds 20 pickup truck loads.
Roll Off Dumpster Rentals

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When you do spring cleaning, renovate your home, or oversee a construction project, you have to deal with a lot of garbage. If you have nowhere for that garbage to go, the trash will quickly build up, cluttering your workspace. And that clutter could turn into tripping hazard, so your workspace becomes a potential danger zone.

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Keeping You and the Environment Safe The new Global Garbage Man Day slogan “Keeping You and the Environment Safe” captures the true mission of these individuals. It also strikes at the heart of why we celebrate the women and men in the waste management industry. Performing their jobs day in and day out with excellence keeps our local communities and the world at large safe and clean. Many people may not realize the enormous environmental impacts of recycling programs or how their local sanitation workers are positively impacting the world’s environment. Why do you Love Your Garbage Man? Because they are “Keeping You and the Environment Safe”! Join Team TAKE OUT THE TRASH Use hashtag #TAKEOUTTHETRASH on Social Media platforms, follow us on Instagram, YouTube , Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat and go out of your way to speak to your local sanitation workers when you are out and about. Take Control of Your Own Destiny. Join the Team!


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Saint Paul is upgrading its recycling program!

Get READY for:


Additional Information for Apartment Buildings


Wheeled Carts

Saint Paul will be delivering new single-sort recycling carts to your home from November 28, 2016 – January 14, 2017. The blue carts have wheels and a lid to make it even easier for you to collect your recyclables.There’s no need to sign up – the cart will be delivered to every household in the City.

You may begin using the cart on January 16, 2017.

pw_recycling_cart timeline

How big is the cart?

All households will receive a 64-gallon cart. Please use this cart for 90 days while we complete the cart transition. Starting in April, if you would like to try a smaller (32-gallon) or larger (95-gallon) cart you may request a switch by calling Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678. One switch will be allowed at no charge.

See this chart for a full spectrum of cart sizes and their dimensions.

Do I have to pay for the new cart?

There is no additional cost for the cart – all City households pay for recycling services through an annual fee on your property tax.

What should I do with my old curbside bin?

The old curbside bins are yours to keep. Use it to collect recycling in your home, or repurpose it for another use! Do not place your old bins in the new carts. From January 9-27, 2017, broken or unwanted containers can be dropped-off at these locations for recycling:

  • Arlington Hills Community Center | 1200 Payne Ave | Hours
  • Palace Community Center | 781 Palace Ave. | Hours

Will my collection day change?

Most neighborhoods will experience a collection day change, starting January 16, 2017. More information is detailed below under Collection Day Changes.


Alley Collection

Starting January 16, 2017, residents with accessible alleys will have their recycling picked-up from the alley.

Still not sure where your recycling will be collected? Use diagram below or call 651-266-6199.

New Materials to Recycle

We are adding new materials to the recycling stream! Beginning January 16, 2017, you can recycle:

  • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • Cardboard food containers
  • Refrigerated boxes



For a complete list of materials accepted for recycling, download the 2016 Residential Recycling Brochure or check out our Residential Recycling page.


Collection Day Changes

The majority of Saint Paul neighborhoods will experience a collection day change. This change will take effect on January 16, 2017, along with the start of collection from recycling carts.

View this map to find out your collection day, effective January 16, 2017. All residents will also receive a postcard in early January with a collection day change reminder.

pw_recycling_NEW collection day map graphic

Additional Information for Apartment Buildings

Small Apartment Buildings (5-11 Units):

Small apartment buildings that have 5-11 units will share two large (95 gallon) recycling carts. Similar to your garbage collection, the recycling cart will either stay in the alley or will go out to the curb on your recycling day.

If your building does not have an alley, be sure that the person responsible for setting your carts at the curb knows your new recycling collection day.

Large Apartment Buildings (12 or more Units):

Large apartment buildings that have 12 units or more will continue recycling in the same location as designated by their property manager. If your building does not currently offer recycling, contact Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678 to set up service.

Unverified Rental Service Providers

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1214 Hall Ave, St Paul, MN 55118
(612) 457-3680
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Macs Roll-Off Service Inc
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Coolidge Disposal Systems
829 Central Ave W., St Paul, MN 55104
(612) 225-4712

Information on Waste & Recycling in Saint Paul, MN

I live in St. Paul and need to rent a roll off container for a home cleanout project. Do I need approval from the city to place a dumpster?

That depends. In the City of St. Paul, you are not allowed to obstruct the public right of way without approval from the city. So for example, if you need to place the dumpster on the city street, sidewalk, or alley for a home project, community cleanup, etc., than you will need a right of way permit for a dumpster.

If you are placing the dumpster on your property, driveway, etc., contact the City of St. Paul Public Works Department or your local waste hauler who is renting you the container to find out if permitting is necessary.

What do I do with the recyclable materials that I’m throwing away?

St. Paul is dedicated to reducing waste and recycling to benefit the environment. The city encourages homeowners to do their part to help keep St. Paul sustainable. Visit the full A to Z Disposal List for Ramsey County to help guide you in the proper disposal of recyclable items.

To further educate yourself on waste and recycling in the Twin Cities, check out Recycle Rethink Blog Tips & Ideas.

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