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If you need to dispose of large quantities of debris or junk, rent a dumpster from us in Ellenville, New York! We offer a variety of sizes to suit any project – from a simple home decluttering project to large-scale renovation or construction. Get in touch today to get the job done right!

We all have projects that require large amounts of garbage to be removed. From remodeling and home renovations to office moves and cleanups, the amount of trash generated can be daunting, and one of the most important decisions to make is when to rent a dumpster. Here, we’ll discuss when it’s best to rent a dumpster from us in Ellenville, New York. With this information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find the right dumpster for your project.

1. What Is a Dumpster Rental?

A dumpster rental is a temporary dumpster that is delivered to a residential or commercial property and used for waste disposal. It can be filled to the brim with any type of material, large or small. Our dumpster rental program is very simple and efficient.

  • Delivery: We provide prompt and efficient delivery of our roll-off rental dumpsters.
  • Size: We have various sizes, ranging from 10-yard to 40-yard dumpsters, to accommodate any type of project you might have.
  • Cost: The cost of renting a dumpster includes disposal fees, delivery fees, and taxes. We have flat-rate pricing so you know what to expect from the start.

When you are finished, the dumpster will be picked up and hauled away. We also offer the option to extend the rental, if needed. Whether you are clearing out a house, remodeling a business, or need extra space for a construction site, renting a dumpster is the perfect solution.

2. Benefits of Renting a Dumpster in Ellenville, New York

Cost Savings

Renting a dumpster in Ellenville, New York from 123 Dumpster Rental provides a cost-effective solution to tackling waste management challenges. We offer competitive rates on roll-off dumpster rentals, making it easy to reduce your overall waste disposal costs when tackling both large and small projects.


Choosing a dumpster rental also offers a convenient waste disposal option. We provide straightforward delivery, pickup, and disposal services to make it easy to manage your project. We even offer same day and next day services upon request. Our dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to make it easy to tackle both small and large projects.

Additionally, our rental terms are designed to be flexible and accommodative. We offer up to seven-day rental periods, allowing you the time to complete your project without worrying about voiding your contract.

3. How to Choose the Right Size Dumpster Rental

Choosing the right size dumpster rental is essential for achieving the best results when it comes to disposing of your junk. We recommend that users familiarize themselves with the various size options available in the market.

  • 10-yard dumpsters are suitable for small projects such as small residential cleanouts, yard waste, or single-room remodeling.
  • 20-yard dumpsters are best for larger projects such as whole-home renovations, estate cleanouts, commercial construction, or large single-room remodeling.
  • 30-yard dumpsters should be used for projects that produce heavy debris such as flooring, siding, demolition, large construction projects, or large home additions.
  • 40-yard dumpsters are best for large, clean-up projects such as major home remodeling or large construction projects.

At 123 Dumpster Rental, we provide comprehensive assistance with every step of your dumpster rental process. Our team of experts will walk you through the size selection process, provide delivery and pick up options, and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process. We strive to provide an easy and stress-free rental experience for our customers.

4. Reasons to Rent a Dumpster with Us

123 Dumpster Rental is the leading choice for clients seeking an efficient and economical dumpster rental service. Here are some of the key advantages we offer our customers:

  • Convenience: We are available 24/7 for convenient drop-off and pick-up of dumpsters. We also supply same-day service.
  • Large and Variety of Dumpsters: We carry a variety of dumpsters for both residential and commercial use, accommodating clients’ various needs.
  • Cost-effective: Our competitive prices are a great value when compared to our competition.
  • Safety: We take safety seriously and prioritize compliance with safety regulations.

Our knowledgeable customer service team is always here to help, so contact us today for any questions! We strive to provide top-class customer service with all our dumpster rental services, and we look forward to serving you.

Renting a dumpster in Ellenville, New York couldn’t be easier. The professionals at Our Company are here to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch. Anytime you have debris that needs to be removed, reach out to our team and we’ll help you find the right size of dumpster for your needs. Renting a dumpster from us in Ellenville, New York will ensure a job well done.