Climate Fee Notice: Old Man Winter is on his way

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Climate Fee Notice: Old Man Winter is on his way

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It’s True! Old Man Winter will be on the move…just ask any Arwood Waste team member in the North

For much of the country the Winter months also bring a few changes to how portable toilets and portable sanitation units are serviced to keep them functioning properly in the colder temperatures. Not much is worse than the surprise of a solid chunk of frozen waste when you need to use your portable toilet.

To prevent this experience, we may need to provide an additional climatization service to your unit during the months of November through March. If this is required you may notice a small additional Climate Fee on your bill during the affected months.

Arwood Waste and our partners are committed to providing you excellent service all year long! If you have any questions about the Climate Fee or if we can serve you any way, call us at (800) 477-0854.

Arwood Waste and our partners thank you for trusting us with your Roll Off Dumpster Rental, Portable Toilet Rental, Commercial Dumpster Rental, and Storage Rental needs all year long.


Photo: John Picken Photography via Flickr

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