Recycle Your Pumpkin with Arwood Waste

Recycle Your Pumpkin with Arwood Waste

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Recycle Your Pumpkin This Halloween

Ever wonder what to do with that jack-o’-lantern after Halloween? Before it turns into a mushy mess on your front porch be sure to properly throw it away or place it in your compost bin. To properly dispose of pumpkins, first remove any non-organic materials such as candles, glow sticks and non-biodegradable decorations before placing them in a waste can or compost bin.

Composting pumpkins on your own?

After Halloween let your pumpkin enrich your soil! If you don’t have a compost pile, just bury the pumpkin in an empty garden space. It will quickly decompose and add organic matter and nutrients to your soil.

Tips & Tricks for an Environmentally Friendly Halloween

Hold a costume-exchange party: Halloween costumes are often worn only once. By holding a costume-exchange party with friends, last year’s outfit can get another wear and you can get something new – without any waste.
Create your own spooky decorations: Save money by making your own decorations from repurposed materials. Creating your own hair-raising decorations will put less stress on your wallet, the planet and allow you to showcase your originality for trick-or-treaters to admire.
Trick or treat with recyclable bags: Canvas, cloth or other reusable bags are an earth-friendly and more affordable alternative to plastic jack-o’-lantern buckets. Or, decorate recyclable bags or old pillowcases with spooky scenes to create a custom carryall to take home the goodies.
Leave only footprints after trick-or-treating: Dispose of candy wrappers, a big source of litter on the streets during Halloween, and carry an extra bag for litter.

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