Clean Your Slate – 3 Tips from Arwood Waste to Make 2019 the Best Yet!

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Your friends at Arwood Waste would like to wish you a Prosperous, Rewarding and Productive New Year!

Small changes can have a big impact on your year. Here are three tips to start your New Year off strong!

#1 Simplify your environment.

Take a few minutes to walk through your home or business and ask yourself, “What can I get rid of here?” HELPFUL HINT: If it hasn’t been used in more than a year, it’s time to go.

If you have a newer version, don’t keep the old one around ‘just in case’. Have a stack of half done projects? Make a realistic plan to get them finished. Keeping them around only acts as a reminder of half-fulfilled efforts.

A purge of your physical environment brings clarity and space for vision in the atmosphere of your home or business.

#2 Share your abundance with others.

When sorting stacks of stuff, consider what might be donated, recycled or re-purposed. Things you have no need for may be just what someone else has been searching high and low to find. If you don’t have interest in holding a yard sale, you can give your unwanted items new homes by donating them.

Thrift stores are a go-to option, but consider checking with other local non-profit organizations. Zoos and animal shelters are often in need of blankets, towels and long lists of miscellaneous items. Schools and teachers also have uses for unwanted supplies for projects, crafts or classroom decorations.

Check out The Recycle Guide for more ideas on places to drop off your unwanted items or information on how to recycle them.

#3 Plan space for growth.

You can’t add a new healthy habit, project, or vision to your plate without letting go of an old one. Set yourself up for success with your New Year’s plans. Start by evaluating what’s on your plate now. Decide what can be delegated, modified or simply stopped. Then put that newly found time and energy into this year’s goals and habits.

Make Room For the New

Arwood Waste and our partners specialize in helping you haul the junk out of your life. Contact us toll free at (888) 413-5105 for help with disposal after all that purging and cleaning. Find out how our roll-off dumpstersportable toiletsstorage rentalsjunk removal or commercial dumpsters, temporary fencingMedical Waste and Demolition Services can help you start the year right!

We look forward to serving you throughout the New Year!

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Wishing You a Blessed Christmas as We Celebrate our Savior’s Birth! Merry Christmas from Arwood Waste!

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“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” – W.T. Ellis

What better way to end the year than to spend it celebrating and creating memories with family and friends. As you gather with loved ones this Christmas, we hope you are filled with love, joy and the Christmas spirit.

As we celebrate with family this Christmas, our hearts are thankful. At Arwood Waste, we are thankful for the privilege to live and work in a great nation. And we are thankful for you, our great customers who trust us every day with your business.

It is our honor to serve your waste management needs throughout the year and we thank you for supporting local, small businesses.

Arwood Waste and our partners wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Holiday Schedule Reminder: Arwood Waste Celebrates the Holidays with You!

Holiday Waste Pickup Schedule | Arwood Waste

Holiday Waste Pickup Schedule

At Arwood Waste, we love to celebrate the holidays and we like to give our employees time to spend those holidays with their families and friends. This is why we created a Holiday Pick-up schedule. Our holiday schedule allows you to plan ahead for changes to the waste services during the holiday season.

Businesses that currently receive collection may have different schedules and procedures than residential customers since business garbage is normally collected separately from residential garbage.

Call us toll free at 1-800-477-0854 today and ask us how we can save you time and money.

Collection service will be postponed by one day following these holidays:

  • Christmas Day – No Service on December 25th. One day delay. Example: Tuesday collection day will be serviced on Wednesday.
  • New Year’s Day – No Service on January 1st. One day delay. Example: Tuesday collection day will be serviced on Wednesday.
  • Memorial Day – No Service on the first Monday of September. One day delay. Monday collection day will be serviced on Tuesday.
  • Fourth of July – No Service on July 4th. One day delay. Wednesday collection day will be serviced on Thursday.
  • Labor Day – No Service on the last Monday of May. One day delay. Monday collection day will be serviced on Tuesday.
  • Thanksgiving Day – No Service on the fourth Thursday of November. One day delay. Thursday collection day will be serviced on Friday.
  • Halloween Day – We will be providing service on October 31st. If the route is delayed and cannot be finished before dusk we will finish the route the next business day.
  • National Garbage Man Day – We will be providing service on June 17th as scheduled. Please remember to throw up your hand with a simple smile and say “Thank You”.

Due to the one day postponement, the collection of containers is resumed as follows: If the holiday is on a Monday, then the Monday collection will occur on Tuesday, Tuesday collection will occur on Wednesday, and so on. If the holiday is on a Thursday, then the Thursday collection will occur on Friday and Friday collection will occur on Saturday for that week only. On all other holidays, normal collection of containers will occur. If a holiday falls on the weekend, then pickups will run on a normal schedule unless otherwise specified.

Arwood Waste is a nationwide provider of waste management and portable storage solutions.

Based in Jacksonville, FL, Arwood Waste is the nation’s most trusted privately-owned waste management provider. The professionals at Arwood Waste have more than 30 years’ experience providing services that include recycling, site clean-up, portable restroomscommercial dumpstersdemolition servicesdumpster rentalsportable storagejunk removalmedical waste and curbside pick-up.

Portable Sanitation Products – Arwood Waste Proudly Recommends PolyJohn

PolyJohn Portable Sanitation Units - Portable Toilets

PolyJohn Portable Sanitation Products – There When You Need Us.
Call 1-800-292-1305

PolyJohn is there when you need them, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years. Their product categories offer everything your portable sanitation business needs to succeed. Their manufacturing facility controls quality from raw material to finished product, so they can put the best equipment in the market at your disposal.

Quality and Innovation 1-800-292-1305

PolyJohn Enterprises Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of the highest-quality polyethylene (plastic) products designed for environmental markets, including portable sanitation, safety and hygiene. PolyJohn also produces products for safety and security (Rhino Barriers), and provides sanitation equipment used by governments and military branches around the world.

Their wide range of innovative products and accessories and the exceptional service they provide are designed to help you maximize your business earnings.

Only the Best for Your Business

PolyJohn is a family owned, state of the art, manufacturing company dedicated to providing its employees with a work environment committed to excellence, and its customers with innovative products, services and technology that meet or exceed their requirements.

Every day, PolyJohn proves the only thing that lasts longer than their products is their relationships. They are proud to still have many clients who have been with them since they started more than 35 years and a generation ago.

Call Toll Free at 1-800-292-1305 to get started!

PolyJohn - Portable Sanitation Products

Not Offering Portable Sanitation Services? Grow Your Business!

If you don’t currently offer portable sanitation services or rentals, then you may think this doesn’t apply to you…But you’re wrong! By not offering portable sanitation you are leaving money on the table from current and potential customers. Porta potties, hand wash stations, portable showers, and other portable sanitation products give your business in-demand products to compliment your existing waste services. This can mean increased sales from those current and returning customers who would have gone somewhere else for their portable sanitation needs.

PolyJohn is the perfect partner for your portable sanitation needs. In addition to high quality, easy to maintain portable restrooms and accessories, PolyJohn offers resources to help you grow and manage your portable sanitation business.

Contact PolyJohn Today To Learn More

To learn more about PolyJohn, visit them online at or call them at 1-800-292-1305. You can also request a quote online.

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G T Outhouses, LLC

G T Outhouses, LLC
P.O.Box 163
17 Fernald Pt. Rd
Southwest Harbor, ME 04679

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