Got junk? Use our preferred dumpster servcie today.

Got junk? Use our preferred dumpster servcie today.

When you don’t know how to get rid of that unsightly junk from your last home renovation, the Arwood Waste bin rental service in Stoney Creek has the perfect solution.


Looking to save money by eliminating trips to the landfill? Don’t have time or energy to load the junk yourself? You’re in luck! The friendly staff delivers a bin for you to fill, and they will haul it away and dispose of it safely, in the time that is needed.

Arwood Disposal commercial, industrial and residential dumpster rental and waste and dumpster services include junk removal, interior and exterior demolition, concrete and garbage disposal, waste management and so much more!

Even if you have a large car, it’s still unlikely that you have a vehicle capable of holding all the materials that you need to dispose of. Yard and construction debris are filthy and can even risk damaging to your car. That’s why a bin rental service is the best option when you don’t have a vehicle at all, don’t have the right type of vehicle to get the junk to the dump, or have waste that the city refuses to pick up.

Using a waste bin rental service is good for the environment. Many materials can be recycled or reused for different purposes, which will minimize the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill.

To dispose of the junk in your basement, garage, office or attic, the company offers many roll-off containers and dumpster sizes to choose from. Whether it’s a mini-bin for your home’s driveway or an industrial bin for a large-scale construction site, Arwood Disposal has the right bin for any project.

Do you want to get rid of that nagging pile of rubbish and avoid messing up your car? Just think of how great it will feel, and the time and money you’ll save, by letting the professionals take care of all the loading and cleanup involved in junk removal. To discuss pricing and bin sizes, call Arwood Disposal at 877-896-6079 or send a email to today!