Commercial Dumpster by Con-Serv Industries, Inc.

Commercial Dumpster by Con-Serv Industries, Inc.

Con-Serv Industries, Inc. (CSI) offers front-load and rear-load waste and recycling services with container capacities ranging from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards. All containers are equipped with heavy-duty plastic lids. Larger front-load containers may also have sliding access doors on the sides of the containers. If required, containers can also be fitted with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access.

Waste Collection

CSI trucks service containers located behind buildings, in parking lots, loading areas, and underground service docks. Waste collection can be provided up to 6 days per week.

Recycling Collection (Click here to learn more about recycling)

Containers are also available for single-stream recycling. In order to maximize container space, larger front-load containers can be supplied with a slot in the front of the container requiring boxes to be flattened before they are placed into the container.