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Grow Your Business with PolyJohn Portable Sanitation Products

PolyJohn Portable Sanitation Units - Portable Toilets

PolyJohn Portable Sanitation Products – There When You Need Us.
Call 1-800-292-1305

PolyJohn is there when you need them, whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for years. Their product categories offer everything your portable sanitation business needs to succeed. Their manufacturing facility controls quality from raw material to finished product, so they can put the best equipment on the market at your disposal.

Quality and Innovation 1-800-292-1305

PolyJohn Enterprises Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of the highest-quality polyethylene (plastic) products designed for environmental markets, including portable sanitation, safety and hygiene. PolyJohn also produces products for safety and security (Rhino Barriers), and provides sanitation equipment used by governments and military branches around the world.

Their wide range of innovative products and accessories and the exceptional service they provide are designed to help you maximize your business earnings.

Only the Best for Your Business

PolyJohn is a family owned, state of the art, manufacturing company dedicated to providing its employees with a work environment committed to excellence, and its customers with innovative products, services and technology that meet or exceed their requirements.

Every day, PolyJohn proves that the only thing that lasts longer than their products is their relationships. They are proud to still have many clients who have been with them since they started more than 35 years and a generation ago.

Call Toll Free at 1-800-292-1305 to get started!

PolyJohn - Portable Sanitation Products

Not Offering Portable Sanitation Services? Grow Your Business!

If you don’t currently offer portable sanitation services or rentals, then you may think this doesn’t apply to you…But you’re wrong! By not offering portable sanitation you are leaving money on the table from current and potential customers. Porta potties, hand wash stations, portable showers, and other portable sanitation products give your business in-demand products to compliment your existing waste services. This can mean increased sales from those current and returning customers who would have gone somewhere else for their portable sanitation needs.

PolyJohn is the perfect partner for your portable sanitation needs. In addition to high quality, easy to maintain portable restrooms and accessories, PolyJohn offers resources to help you grow and manage your portable sanitation business.

Contact PolyJohn Today To Learn More

To learn more about PolyJohn, visit them online at or call them at 1-800-292-1305. You can also request a quote online.

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Behind the Scenes: Business Partners Arwood Waste Uses and Recommends

Having strong partners is key to any successful business. The valuable relationships we have built with our vendor partners provide support and efficiencies that save our company time and money. That means more savings and better service for our customers. Here are some companies we are proud to work. We hope you can also benefit from their services. These are affiliate links, so we may earn a commission from products.


Trustpilot | Honest Customer Reviews | Arwood Waste Partner

Trustpilot reviews help people choose your business by collecting customer reviews on an independent website consumers can trust. Contact Trustpilot to learn how they can help your business collect honest customer reviews.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau | Advancing Marketplace Trust | Arwood Waste Partner

The Better Business Bureau has helped people find and recommend businesses, brands, and charities they trust for more than 100 years. Submit your information to be referred for accreditation by the BBB.

Follow-Up Pal

Follow Up Pal | Sales Process Follow Up with Customers

Follow Up Pal is the easiest way to automate your sales process and close more business in less time! Learn more about Follow-Up Pal.

Merchant Processing Solutions

Arwood Waste Recommends Merchant Processing Solutions

Merchant Processing Solutions provides payment processing services for a variety of businesses and industries. Contact Merchant Processing Solutions to find out how they can help you!

PortaLogix | One Truck Does It All

Arwood Waste Recommends PortaLogix

Putting Portable Restroom Companies on the road to success with one truck that does it all. Learn more about PortaLogix today.

Arwood Junk Licensed Partnerships

Arwood Junk Licensed Partnerships | Own your own junk removal company

Become your own boss with your own local junk removal company. Find out more about Arwood Junk Licensed Partnerships! Licensed Partnerships Licensed Partnerships | Own your own waste company

Learn how to be your own boss and run your own local waste company. Find out more about Licensed Partnerships!

Special Summer Gift For You – Download a FREE $50 Gift Card

Arwood Waste - Free $50 Gift Card

FREE $50 Gift Card Just For You

Who says you can’t get something for free these days? We’re proving that’s simply not true with this special gift exclusively for our valued customers. Arwood Waste is giving you a FREE $50 Gift Card from our partner site Now that’s a nice discount on your next Roll-Off or Commercial Dumpster Rental. This gift card is normally purchased on sites like and our other Partner Retailers but it’s our gift to you just for being our customer.

Simply download your special dumpster gift code below then head over to and enter that gift code when you place your order. We are so excited to give this free gift to you simply as a Thank You for trusting us with your business.


Redeem Now at

Arwood Waste and our partners are proud to serve your Roll Off Dumpster RentalPortable RestroomCommercial Dumpster Rental, and Storage Rental needs.

Protect Your Employees & Customers from Sharps Exposure with Medical Waste 360

Medical Waste 360 | Protecting Your Employees and Customers from Sharps and Needles

Affordable Sharps & Medical Waste Solutions for Restaurants

In restaurants, there is a high risk of needle sticks, cuts, and punctures from needles and other sharps because people are more likely to throw their sharps in the trash. Sharps disposal containers should be provided in restrooms or another designated area clearly visible and accessible to employees and guests. When readily available, sharps disposal containers can decrease risk to employees and customers alike.

Medical Waste 360 provides simple solutions for the safe storage and convenient disposal of used medical sharps for restaurant operators, chains and multi-location companies. We understand the specific needs of the restaurant industry and how important worry-free used sharps disposal is to the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Medical Waste 360 | Protecting Your Employees and Customers from Sharps and Needles

Learn How To Protect Your Employees and Customers

Every day more and more Americans are prescribed at home treatments involving the use of lancets, syringes, needles or auto injectors. These devices are often referred to as “Sharps” because of their sharp points or blades used to puncture skin for the purpose of drawing blood or administering medications. This leads to approximately 3 billion used needles and other sharps that must be disposed of outside of health care facilities each year. Medical Waste 360 is here to help you prevent unintentional needle sticks and take the worry out of sharps disposal.

Order Online Today! Shipped Directly To Your Restaurant

Pre-Order Summer Wedding and Event Rentals and Save!

Wedding Celebrations and Summer Events - (888) 413-5105 Toll Free – Dumpster Rentals, Residential Roll Off Dumpsters, Portable Toilets – Free Quote

Eliminate Wedding Planning Stress

We all know weddings can be stressful events. Making sure the flowers, food, and groomsmen all arrive on time is enough without worrying about trash and toilets. Let us help you save some sanity and money.

Don’t waste your precious time coordinating with multiple vendors. Bundle your summer event rentals through Arwood Waste to save time and money. From dumpsters to toilets to hand wash stations, we have everything you need to make sure your summer event is clean and comfortable for everyone.

Save on Weddings and Summer Event Rentals

Summer is a busy time for us. Pre-orders help us prepare so we can meet your summer event needs efficiently and effectively. As a thank you for ordering in advance, we’re offering a discount on all pre-ordered Portable Toilet and Roll Off Dumpster Rentals. Simply call (888) 413-5105 toll free to place your order and take advantage of this special discount.

Call (888) 413-5105 today to pre-order for a special discount

Arwood Waste and our partners are proud to serve you on your special day!

Did You Know Arwood Waste Offers Commercial Dumpster Rentals?

Commercial Dumpster Rental Product Guide | Commercial Dumpsters from Arwood Waste

Whether you own or operate a gas station, salon and spa, restaurant or apartment complex, you are going to need a dumpster. Renting a commercial dumpster for your business shouldn’t be complicated. Let Arwood Waste make it easier for you so you can focus on running your business.

No Hassle Commercial Dumpsters

Arwood Waste has the ideal waste solution for your business. We offer commercial dumpsters in a variety of sizes and rental options, all at an affordable price.

Not sure what size or service frequency you need? We do our best to help you select the best option for your business so you only pay for what you need. Our detailed Commercial Dumpster Product Guide can help you determine what size is best for you.

Save Time with Easy Online Ordering

We offer easy online quotes and 24 hour ordering, no hassle up front pricing, convenient delivery and access to customer support every step of the way. All you need to do is fill in the online form for your free quote and we will take care of the rest.

Let us put our 25 years of experience to work for you. Download our Commercial Dumpster Product Guide now.

Connect with the Best Dumpster Manufacturers in the Waste Industry | Arwood Waste Recommends

Products and Services for Success - Arwood Waste Business Partners to Improve your Business

Are you looking to start your own roll-off dumpster business, expand your product offerings or upgrade your aging dumpsters? We can help.

Quality We Trust

We have decades of business experience. Throughout those years, we have cultivated partnerships with a variety of dumpster manufacturers. Let us connect you with the brands we trust.

Take a moment to tell us what portable sanitation products and services you are interested in. If you have additional questions or have specific and specialized needs, send us a message. We will do everything we can to connect you with one of our established partners that can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Connect with a Business Success Partner Today

Companies We Trust

Quality matters, which is why we only work with companies and services we trust. We apply these same high standards when we refer friends and fellow business owners. In some instances, we may have an affiliate link or referral code to share with you to that could provide you additional savings.

We don’t believe in sustaining or promoting partnerships unless they add value to our business and yours. Regardless of what compensation we are offered, we will never recommend a company or service we wouldn’t use ourselves.

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Save on Summer Projects with Arwood Waste

Save on Summer Projects with Arwood Waste Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal

Summer brings longer days, warmer weather and an abundance of home projects. Whether you are building an addition, re-landscaping a yard, renovating a bathroom or repairing a shed, Arwood Waste is here to help.

Clear the Debris Without Breaking Your Budget

No matter how big or small your project is, you will likely find yourself with more trash and debris than your curbside cart can hold. A roll off dumpster can collect all of your waste and debris, making clean up easy. All you have to do make a phone call and all that material will be hauled away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Construction jobs and DIY projects come in all shapes and sizes, which is why your disposal plan should be custom tailored to fit your needs. Our Roll-Off Dumpster Product Guide can help you decide which dumpster is best for your summer project. When you are ready to get started, you can order anytime with our 24/7 online order form.

You may also end up with materials that require specialized disposal or can be recycled to reduce your impact on the environment. Don’t worry. Arwood Waste can handle that too. We pride ourselves on protecting the environment through responsible disposal.

Don’t Let Junk Slow You Down

Getting started can be overwhelming, especially if you have a bunch of junk to clear out first. Don’t let summer come and go without knocking out those projects around the house. The experts at Arwood Junk can lift, load, haul and dispose of your unwanted junk quickly and affordably, leaving you plenty of room to get the job done.

Let Us Help You Get It Done!

No matter what type of project you are planning, we can help. Order a roll off dumpster, rent a portable toilet, or check out our demolition services by calling (888) 413-5105 or visiting

Dumpstermaxx Dumpster Rentals- Tampa FL

Announcing Our Latest Service Provider: Dumpstermaxx Dumpster Rentals- Tampa FL

Lowest Cost Dumpster Rentals in Town!
East 4th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605

Not Rated
0/5 stars – Unrated (Upgrade to your Preferred Business Listing)

More Info

Email: [email protected]
Toll Free Phone: 8003696299

Order from a Preferred Provider

Dumpstermaxx Dumpster Rentals- Tampa FL

Announcing Our Latest Service Provider: Dumpstermaxx Dumpster Rentals- Tampa FL

Lowest Cost Dumpster Rentals in Town!
East 4th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605

Not Rated
0/5 stars – Unrated (Upgrade to your Preferred Business Listing)

More Info

Email: [email protected]
Toll Free Phone: 800-369-6299

Order from a Preferred Provider