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Let us do the heavy lifting.

Arwood Waste offers roll-off containers in all sizes. These containers range from 20 to 30 and 40 cubic yards and can be placed in almost any safe, sizable location for easy access to the waste. While they are often seen on construction and demolition sites, they can be used for all levels of non-hazardous waste and recycling collection and transportation.

In addition to providing containers, we will:

  • Advise you about safe capacity levels if containers are overloaded.
  • Recycle rebar and concrete, even when it’s not disposed of in recycle containers. We will extract it before it goes into the landfill.
  • Help with LEED certification. Advanced Disposal has the equipment and containers to meet your disposal needs in compliance with LEED certification.
  • Dispose of C&D waste properly, as we have our own C&D landfills in most of our markets.
  • Offer recycling containers to construction sites.

As always, we offer local support, so we can respond quickly and efficiently to your needs.

Purifing the air with a Air Scrubber

CLEANING- Cleaning, mopping, and offending odors can be harmful to us. Air Scrubber  with Active-Pure technology, makes mopping up offending odors, cleaning surfaces, and even reducing harmful airborne contaminants as simple as turning your furnace on for the first time, your fan, or your HVAC system. Call Today (904) 751-2177 CLICK TO ORDER ONLINE 24/7 REFRESHING- Most of us don’t […]

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Will You See Your Shadow?

Happy Groundhog Day - Arwood Waste - (888) 413-5105 Toll Free – Dumpster, Residential Roll Off Dumpster, Front Load Equipment, Commercial Dumpster, Construction Dumpsters and Demolition – Free Quote

Happy Groundhog Day!

Is it time to get a head start on spring cleaning? Will we be running back into our homes to stay warm? No matter what Punxsutawney Phil says, we are ready so you won’t be left in the dirt!

Whether we still have six more weeks of Winter or Spring comes early, Arwood Waste is always here for your waste management needs.

Call us today at (888) 413-5105 for more information.

Groundhog Day - Arwood Waste - (888) 413-5105 Toll Free – Dumpster, Residential Roll Off Dumpster, Front Load Equipment, Commercial Dumpster, Construction Dumpsters and Demolition – Free Quote

Mill Valley Refuse Service – Dumpster Rentals – San Rafael, CA

Debris Box

Debris Box and Dumpster Rental

Mill Valley Refuse Service offers debris boxes (dumpsters) for remodeling, recycling, demolition, construction jobs and special events. Whether you need a 4-yard box for a backyard clean up job, or several 40-yard boxes for a major construction site, we offer unbeatable service.

Important Note For Contractors & Roofers

If local ordinances require that your debris boxes be taken to a resource recovery center so that the contents can be recycled, please let us know when you call to place your order.

Marin Sanitary is now accepting composition shingles for recycling. Learn more about this pilot program here.

General Debris Box

Box Size Dimensions Materials Accepted
4 yards
54 inches x 74.5 inches x 51 inches General Debris Box
10 yards
12 feet x 5 feet x 5 feet General Debris Box
20 yards
16 feet x 8 feet x 54 inches General Debris Box
40 yards
22 feet x 8 feet x 82 inches General Debris Box

Dirt or Rock Box

Box Size Dimensions Materials Accepted
5 yards
12 feet x 5 feet x 30 inches Dirt or Rock Box
10 yards
14 feet x 8 feet x 3 feet Dirt or Rock Box

Unacceptable Materials

  • Hazardous Waste
  • Asbestos Materials
  • Toxic or Medical Waste
  • TV or electronic waste
  • Oil or auto part debris
  • Wet garbage (kitchen waste)

Additional Charges

  • There is a $100.00 per ton overweight charge for box weights that exceed designated weight limits.
  • Relocation of debris boxes may result in additional charges.

Mill Valley Refuse Service
112 Front Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

Apple Valley Waste, Service Inc. – Waste Management Company – Kearneysville, WV

Apple Valley Waste Service, Inc. – such a simple phrase, yet it speaks volumes. It is the goal of Apple Valley Waste to be your “Go To” resource for refuse and recycling needs. We take pride in providing superior customer service and our employees are dedicated to serving those needs.

Some of the key aspects that set us apart are that we see our friendships in the industry as the key to our future and recognize that the relationships we maintain will lead to the opportunities that will define us. Good relationships are hard work and we strive to maintain those. There is no one else in the industry that will value the opportunity to service your needs as much as we will. We do not just view you as a customer, but as part of our AVW family. We look forward to what we hope will be a long and valuable relationship.

Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We would like to thank you once again for choosing Apple Valley Waste. There is no one else in the waste disposal industry that will value the opportunity to service your needs as much as we will. We do not just view you as a customer, but as part of our family. We look forward to what we hope will be a long and valuable relationship.

In Washington County MD we offer refuse and recycling collection service for your business . We have various sizes of containers and service levels that are customized to fit your needs.

Dumpster Service – Trash and Recycle

  • We offer a wide variety of dumpster sizes with an array of available service options personalized to your business needs.
  • Containers vary in size from 2 – 8 yards with sizes in between to best serve you.


  • Retailers, Institutions, Manufacturers – Improve disposal efficiency and cost with one of our compactors. Size options and personalized service levels to fit all of your business needs.
  • Containers vary in size from 2 – 8 yards with sizes in between to best serve you.

Additional Commercial Services

  • Rear load
  • Pick-up where a container not allowed
  • Front load
  • Single Stream and solid waste recycling
  • Self-contained compactor

In Berkeley County WV we provide roll off dumpster services to residential locations. We offer sizes of 15 and 30 yards to fit your project needs and we have a full time dispatcher on site to ensure efficient delivery and removals.

15 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container

Equivalent to four (4) full size pickup truck loads.


  • 15 Feet Long
  • 8 Feet Wide
  • 4 Feet Tall

30 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container

Equivalent to eight (8) full size pickup truck loads.


  • 22 Feet Long
  • 8 Feet Wide
  • 6 Feet Tall

*Some sizes may not be available in all areas

Unacceptable Items for 15 and 30 Cubic Yard Roll-off Containers

  • Liquids
    Such as motor oil, gasoline or wet paint
  • Electronics
    Such as TV’s, Computer Monitors or anything with a screen larger than 4 inches
  • Items that Contain Freon
    Such as refrigerators, air conditioning Units, dehumidifiers or water coolers
  • Hazardous Materials
    Check the box for proper disposal
  • Tires

Apple Valley Waste
771 James Burr Blvd.
Kearneysville, WV 25430
(located behind the Coast Guard Building)

Western Waste Services – Business Waste Collection Services – Jerome, ID

For big construction jobs where only the largest dumpster will do, Western Waste offers 20 and 30 cubic yard roll-off dumpsters to help manage your construction projects. We are prompt and dependable. We realize the need to keep projects moving. Partnering with Western Waste offers you complete peace of mind. Our trucks are designed to load and unload these over-sized dumpsters very quickly to keep your construction project moving! At Western Waste Services we are always at your disposal.

Business Waste Collection Services

Western Waste offer a range of business waste collection services for your business needs, including carts, dumpsters and roll-off containers. Call and we can assist you in selecting the size and style of waste collection equipment that is best suited for your business needs.

All containers can be placed on regularly scheduled service days or designated to be dumped “on call” – when the dumpster is full, call us to schedule service.

Service Schedules
Collection schedules are flexible to fit your needs and can include multiple pick-up days, every other week, on call and extra pick-ups.

Western Waste provides 2, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard front-load containers:

Cardboard Recycling

Western Waste also provides cardboard recycling containers for business and commercial applications. Removing the cardboard from your regular waste stream can save you money.


Western Waste Services also offers an on-site commercial compactor, providing your business with a wealth of knowledge in compaction solutions. We have an appreciation for the challenges of limited space and managing the high volume commercial and industrial waste stream. Long-term disposal cost relief is just a phone call away.

Cardboard & Refuse Compactors:

Stationary Compactors
Self-Contained Compactors
Vertical Compactors
Horizontal Compactors
Auger Style
Custom Applications
Maintenance Programs
Service & Repairs
Plastic & Cardboard Balers:

Vertical Balers
Horizontal Balers
Mini Balers
Maintenance Programs
Service & Repairs

New & Refurbished Equipment Available

70 West Frontage Rd. North
Jerome, ID 83338

Be Your Own Boss | Become a Licensed Partner TODAY! Licensed Partnership | Becoming Your Own Waste Hauling Company

Join the Team!

Always wanted to be your own boss? Now you can, with The founders of have over 50 years of combined experience building successful waste companies. We know how the big names do it, and we’ll teach you their secrets and share proven techniques to compete with them. You’ll also have the power of the brand supporting you from day one!

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Womack Sanitation Inc. – Arcadia, Florida


Womack Sanitation Inc. is a family owned business that has served as DeSoto County’s solid waste removal company for over 40 years. Robert Womack, Sr. began Womack Sanitation in 1972 as the sole employee with just one truck. Robert Womack Jr., joined his father in 1986 and the two have worked and ran the business ever since. Currently, Womack Sanitation now has 21 employees. To better serve, you, the residents of DeSoto County, we expanded our fleet to a total of fourteen trucks that are diversified to handle the solid waste needs of our county. Womack Sanitation has always held to the philosophy that customer service and dependability are among the most important aspects of serving the citizens of Desoto County with solid waste removal. We have and will continue to uphold this pledge since we launched into a new phase of growth in our county with curbside collection in 2006.

Commercial Pickup Services


Womack Sanitation can provide business owners inside DeSoto County (not within city limits) with dumpster service ranging from one to five times per week. We currently offer 3,4,6,and 8yd containers. For industrial businesses or large institutions, please let us help you with a solution for your specific waste needs.

Pickup days are based on the quadrant you live in. This is the directional (NW, NE, SW, SE) that comes before your street name, given to you by the US Postal Service.

The SW section of the county will receive household garbage service on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Yard waste will be collected on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

NW, NE and SE will receive household garbage service on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Yard waste will be collected on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

For a list of frequently Asked Questions Click Here

Womack Sanitation began picking up residential household garbage on January 2, 2006 for all homes located on county-maintained roads and for those homes on private roads where it has been deemed safe to travel and where Womack Sanitation has received written permission from at least one home owner on that private road.

Residential pick-up will occur twice per week, between the hours of 6:00 am and 7:00 pm. Please have your trash out by 6am. as we may change routes around to be more efficient.

Desoto County Ordinance 2006-35 Article II Section 4.3.2

Quantity of pick-up per service day is limited to 2 (32 gallon max.) garbage bags or cans. They may weigh no more than 40 lbs. This is a total of four bags per week. All bags or cans should be placed at curbside which is defined as no more than 4 feet from the driving surface of the road. Please do not block mailboxes. Garbage bags should be heavy duty plastic and securely tied. If garbage cans are used, they should have two external handles and secure watertight lids. NO DRUMS OR BARRELS ALLOWED! NO CARTS ALLOWED!


Yard Trash
Yard trash, such as tree and shrub trimmings, palm fronds, grass clippings, and small tree branches will be picked up once a month on a Wednesday. If your garbage days are Mon./Thur., then your yard debris day will be the 3rd Wednesday of the month. If your garbage days are Tues./Fri., then your yard debris day will be the 1st Wednesday of the month. It must be bundled in 4ft. lengths with a 40lb. per bundle limit, or canned. NO BAGS! Each household is allowed 2 bundles or cans per month. Yard waste resulting from paid landscaping services is excluded from yard trash pickup. Yard waste piled along side the road that is not bundled will not be collected.

No Collection Days
No collection will occur on County observed Holidays since the county landfill is closed. If your pick-up day falls on a county observed holiday, you will be allowed 4 bags or cans on your next regularly scheduled collection day..

Womack Sanitation provides city and county residents, business owners, and construction and demolition companies with roll-off containers to haul away debris. We offer various sized containers to accomodate your specific needs.

15 Yard Roll-Off

15 ft. long
7.5 ft. wide
4 ft. deep

20 Yard Roll-Off

22 ft. long
7.5 ft. wide
4 ft. deep

30 Yard Roll-Off

22 ft. long
7.5 ft. wide
6 ft. deep

2505 SW Flanders St
Arcadia, Florida

Climate Fee Notice Reminder: Old Man Winter is on his way

Climate Fee - (888) 413-5105 Toll Free – Dumpster, Residential Roll Off Dumpster, Front Load Equipment, Commercial Dumpster, Construction Dumpsters and Demolition – Free Quote

Old Man Winter is certainly on the move, just ask any Arwood Waste team member in the North

For much of the country, the winter months bring a few changes to how portable toilets and portable sanitation units are serviced. This change is to keep them functioning properly in the colder temperatures. Not much is worse than a solid chunk of frozen waste when you need to use your portable toilet.

To prevent this experience, we may need to provide an additional climatization service to your units during the months of November through March. If this is required, you may notice a small additional Climate Fee on your bill during the affected months.

Arwood Waste and our partners are committed to providing you excellent service all year long! If you have any questions about the Climate Fee or if we can serve you any way, call us at (800) 477-0854.

Arwood Waste and our partners thank you for trusting us with your Roll Off Dumpster RentalPortable Toilet RentalCommercial Dumpster Rental, and Storage Rental all year long.


Photo: John Picken Photography via Flickr

SOUTHEAST CONTAINERS – Daytona Beach Florida

We Can Help You Keep Your Waste Under Control
No Job To Big Or To Small
             Homeowners, Handymen, and contracters no longer have to deal with bag dumpsters that don’t cooperate. We have a variety of containers sized for the job at hand. Allow us to make your clean up easier and a more enjoyable experience. Call us today and ask about our economy sized dumpsters for homeowners.
♦ Construction Debri
♦ Junk Removal
♦ Home Clean outs
♦ Yard Clean Ups
♦ Portable Restroom Services
♦ Remodels
♦ Clean Ups
♦ Tear Outs
♦ Grade Works
Serving Volusia & Flagler County
Daytona Beach
Port Orange
New Symerna
Ponce Inlet
Wilber By The Sea
Ormond Beach
Palm Coast
Orange City
Deleon Springs
Flagler Beach
Oak Hill
  • 2960 S. Nova Rd.
  • South Daytona Beach, FL