Womack Sanitation Inc. – Arcadia, Florida


Womack Sanitation Inc. is a family owned business that has served as DeSoto County’s solid waste removal company for over 40 years. Robert Womack, Sr. began Womack Sanitation in 1972 as the sole employee with just one truck. Robert Womack Jr., joined his father in 1986 and the two have worked and ran the business ever since. Currently, Womack Sanitation now has 21 employees. To better serve, you, the residents of DeSoto County, we expanded our fleet to a total of fourteen trucks that are diversified to handle the solid waste needs of our county. Womack Sanitation has always held to the philosophy that customer service and dependability are among the most important aspects of serving the citizens of Desoto County with solid waste removal. We have and will continue to uphold this pledge since we launched into a new phase of growth in our county with curbside collection in 2006.

Commercial Pickup Services


Womack Sanitation can provide business owners inside DeSoto County (not within city limits) with dumpster service ranging from one to five times per week. We currently offer 3,4,6,and 8yd containers. For industrial businesses or large institutions, please let us help you with a solution for your specific waste needs.

Pickup days are based on the quadrant you live in. This is the directional (NW, NE, SW, SE) that comes before your street name, given to you by the US Postal Service.

The SW section of the county will receive household garbage service on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Yard waste will be collected on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

NW, NE and SE will receive household garbage service on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Yard waste will be collected on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

For a list of frequently Asked Questions Click Here

Womack Sanitation began picking up residential household garbage on January 2, 2006 for all homes located on county-maintained roads and for those homes on private roads where it has been deemed safe to travel and where Womack Sanitation has received written permission from at least one home owner on that private road.

Residential pick-up will occur twice per week, between the hours of 6:00 am and 7:00 pm. Please have your trash out by 6am. as we may change routes around to be more efficient.

Desoto County Ordinance 2006-35 Article II Section 4.3.2

Quantity of pick-up per service day is limited to 2 (32 gallon max.) garbage bags or cans. They may weigh no more than 40 lbs. This is a total of four bags per week. All bags or cans should be placed at curbside which is defined as no more than 4 feet from the driving surface of the road. Please do not block mailboxes. Garbage bags should be heavy duty plastic and securely tied. If garbage cans are used, they should have two external handles and secure watertight lids. NO DRUMS OR BARRELS ALLOWED! NO CARTS ALLOWED!


Yard Trash
Yard trash, such as tree and shrub trimmings, palm fronds, grass clippings, and small tree branches will be picked up once a month on a Wednesday. If your garbage days are Mon./Thur., then your yard debris day will be the 3rd Wednesday of the month. If your garbage days are Tues./Fri., then your yard debris day will be the 1st Wednesday of the month. It must be bundled in 4ft. lengths with a 40lb. per bundle limit, or canned. NO BAGS! Each household is allowed 2 bundles or cans per month. Yard waste resulting from paid landscaping services is excluded from yard trash pickup. Yard waste piled along side the road that is not bundled will not be collected.

No Collection Days
No collection will occur on County observed Holidays since the county landfill is closed. If your pick-up day falls on a county observed holiday, you will be allowed 4 bags or cans on your next regularly scheduled collection day..

Womack Sanitation provides city and county residents, business owners, and construction and demolition companies with roll-off containers to haul away debris. We offer various sized containers to accomodate your specific needs.

15 Yard Roll-Off

15 ft. long
7.5 ft. wide
4 ft. deep

20 Yard Roll-Off

22 ft. long
7.5 ft. wide
4 ft. deep

30 Yard Roll-Off

22 ft. long
7.5 ft. wide
6 ft. deep

2505 SW Flanders St
Arcadia, Florida

Climate Fee Notice Reminder: Old Man Winter is on his way

Climate Fee - (888) 413-5105 Toll Free – Dumpster, Residential Roll Off Dumpster, Front Load Equipment, Commercial Dumpster, Construction Dumpsters and Demolition – Free Quote

Old Man Winter is certainly on the move, just ask any Arwood Waste team member in the North

For much of the country, the winter months bring a few changes to how portable toilets and portable sanitation units are serviced. This change is to keep them functioning properly in the colder temperatures. Not much is worse than a solid chunk of frozen waste when you need to use your portable toilet.

To prevent this experience, we may need to provide an additional climatization service to your units during the months of November through March. If this is required, you may notice a small additional Climate Fee on your bill during the affected months.

Arwood Waste and our partners are committed to providing you excellent service all year long! If you have any questions about the Climate Fee or if we can serve you any way, call us at (800) 477-0854.

Arwood Waste and our partners thank you for trusting us with your Roll Off Dumpster RentalPortable Toilet RentalCommercial Dumpster Rental, and Storage Rental all year long.


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SOUTHEAST CONTAINERS – Daytona Beach Florida

We Can Help You Keep Your Waste Under Control
No Job To Big Or To Small
             Homeowners, Handymen, and contracters no longer have to deal with bag dumpsters that don’t cooperate. We have a variety of containers sized for the job at hand. Allow us to make your clean up easier and a more enjoyable experience. Call us today and ask about our economy sized dumpsters for homeowners.
♦ Construction Debri
♦ Junk Removal
♦ Home Clean outs
♦ Yard Clean Ups
♦ Portable Restroom Services
♦ Remodels
♦ Clean Ups
♦ Tear Outs
♦ Grade Works
Serving Volusia & Flagler County
Daytona Beach
Port Orange
New Symerna
Ponce Inlet
Wilber By The Sea
Ormond Beach
Palm Coast
Orange City
Deleon Springs
Flagler Beach
Oak Hill
  • 2960 S. Nova Rd.
  • South Daytona Beach, FL

Madisonville Sanitation Department – Madisonville, KY

Sanitation Department


Policies and Fees

The City of Madisonville Public Works Department provides garbage collection and disposal services for more than 11,000 residential and commercial customers.  Each residential customer is furnished one ½ cubic yard toter and charged a solid waste collection fee of $20.75 per month, unless a separate commercial contract is in place for dumpster service at a multi-family complex or mobile home park.

• All garbage must be contained in a city-issued toter. Additional toters are available for a fee of $5 per month.
• Customers shall position their toter curbside, with the lid closed and handle facing away from the street by 7 a.m. the day of collection and removed by 7 p.m. the day following collection.

For the safety of city employees seasonal hours may be observed to avoid excessive temperatures.  Garbage is collected once per week. To find out when your collection day is scheduled, please call (270) 824-2117.

  Discontinuing Sanitation Service

If a residential unit is vacant and unoccupied for a period in excess of 60 consecutive days, the monthly solid waste collection fee can be suspended provided the owner or the person having control of the unit notifies the City in writing. The owner or person having control of the residential unit shall immediately notify the City in writing when the unit is occupied. The collection fee for the unit shall be reinstated effective the first date of re-occupancy.


Commercial Dumpster

We offer services to the business community and to large apartment complexes, through 2-8 yard commercial dumpsters  and through 96 gallon mobile carts. Depending upon the size of your business and your specific needs, we can help you pick the most cost effective service.
For mobile cart collection, see the above Sanitation Policies and Fees.

For dumpster service:
• All trash intended for pickup must be in the dumpster with the lids and side doors closed.
• Enclosures must conform to the Public Works Department size and construction requirements to reduce risk of damage to property or personnel.
• Property owners must keep the enclosure and the area immediately around the dumpster clean and in good repair.
• Do not stack extra trash on or near the dumpster.
• Ensure that service gates are kept in good repair and gate stops are installed and functional.
• Path to dumpster must be kept clear. We make reasonable attempts to collect your trash but we are not responsible for the approach being blocked. You could incur additional fees if it is blocked and we have to return to service the site repetitively.
• We will make a reasonable attempt to empty the dumpster’s contents but we cannot be held responsible for items that are too lightweight to fall out on their own or items that span the interior width of the dumpster and become jammed.
• If disposing of pallets, we ask that no more than two are discarded in any one load. As an alternate method of disposal, private entities exist that will collect pallets from your place of business

commercial totes madisonvilleRoll-Off Containers

We offer roll-off containers in the following sizes: 10, 20, 30 and 40yd. Call  (270) 824-2117  for pricing.


madisonville limb leavesLimb & Brush

All limb and brush collection is the same day as the customer’s regularly scheduled trash collection. If  customer’s limbs or brush exceeds the size of a half-ton pickup, (8′ long x 5′ wide x 2′ deep) there is a charge of $50 per load. Customers hiring tree trimmers should note that it is not the City’s responsibility to remove any debris that the trimmers have created.

madisonville limb leaves2Bulky & Large Item

Large or bulky items are collected the same day as the customer’s garbage collection day. Items such as refrigerators or air conditioners, which contain Freon, must be tagged by a certified company that all Freon has been removed. In addition there will be a $35.00 charge for pick up of items that have contained freon. In regards to other large or bulky items, if load exceeds that of a half-ton pickup, (8′ long x 5′ wide x 2′ deep) there will be a charge of $50 per load.
Customers may also drop off bulky items during normal business hours at 900 McCoy Ave. There will be a minimum charge of $15.90 if load weighs less than a ton or $22.75 per ton.

Leaf Collection

Leaf collection begins on November 13th and will continue through December 31st.  All Limb and Bulky item pickup will be postponed until leaf collection is completed.

irecycle madisonvilleiRecycle

iRecycle is Madisonville’s convenient, single-stream, curbside recycling program available to our sanitation customers.  All materials collected are sorted and processed at the City of Madisonville Recycling Center then shipped to processing mills.
Enrollment is easy;If you are currently a city of Madisonville sanitation customer, then you are eligible for the iRecycle program.
900 McCoy Ave, Madisonville, KY 42431

Environmental One, LLC. – Mt Dora, FL

Image result for environmental one eustis fl
Environmental One, LLC. 

Waste management service in Lake County, Florida
Address3300 FL-46, Mt Dora, FL 32757

Remembering Dr. King’s Legacy | For Freedom and Peace

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What Can I Dispose of in My Atlanta Dumpster?

We accept the following types of trash in our permanent front load bins: 1-800-477-0854

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Packaging Materials
  • Food Waste
  • General Trash
  • Office Supplies and Electronics
  • Broken Dishware

Helpful Information to Consider When Renting a Dumpster

  1. Size: Unsure of which size dumpster to get? We’ll help you find the right roll off dumpster near you.
  2. Time: You can rent our roll off containers multiple times for ongoing projects.
  3. Type of Debris: What kinds of materials are you throwing out? Our team will ensure you receive the right dumpster and service for your debris.
  4. Type of Service: We provide temporary dumpster rental services in Atlanta to handle your waste disposal projects.
  5. Delivery Location: We’ll work with you to find the best location to place your container.

No Room On-Site for a Roll Off Dumpster? We Can Help

If you have limited space on-site for a temporary dumpster rental, let us know and we can place your container on an adjacent street. All you have to do is contact the Department of Public Works and apply for a right-of-way permit. Once you have your permit, send us a copy via email or fax using the contact information provided by your service representative. If you have any questions about the permitting process, give us a call at 1-800-477-0854.

Put Your Trust in a Company That Cares

AW Waste offers a different kind of trash disposal service. Our team of dumpster rental experts have the knowledge and skills to help you accomplish any project. We take the time to understand your needs and make sure you’re receiving the correct dumpster and the right service. Contact us to get your cleanup rolling!

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When you become an Arwood Junk licensed partner, you will meet with the executive team and receive training on software, operations, marketing and other waste industry essentials to ensure your success. And unlike other franchises, Arwood Junk is linked to sales growth and success. Our system self-adjusts to reflect your rate of growth and current economy.

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We Provide the Tools for Your Success

You bring the drive to work hard and we’ll provide you all the tools you need to succeed as your very own junk remover.

  • Onsite Training
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Flat Creek Solutions servicing all of Waco Texas

Flat Creek Solutions was started in 2012 to give a lower cost alternative for trash, debris removal and demolitions services. In addition, Flat Creek can build your dream home for you.

Roll-Off Container Rental Service

VFarm and Ranch Clean Up

Scrap Metal Haul Off

Skid Steer Service
(Grapple, Dozer, Bucket, Pallet Fork, Brush Mulcher, Shredder, Post Hole Auger Attachments)

Demolition and Haul Off

Lot Leveling, Cleanup, Clearing

Construction Clean Up

Pad Sites/Preparation

Tree, Stump, Root Removal

Brush and Undergrowth Removal

Pasture Shredding

Road Rase and Gravel

305 S Old Robinson Rd
Robinson, Texas

3 (non)Wasteful Tips for Winter

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