Memorial Day 2018 – We Honor the Fallen

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“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.” – Unknown Author

Memorial Day is a day of mourning and remembrance. At Arwood Waste, we would like to recognize and honor the military service members who gave all in service to and protection of our country.

While Memorial Day weekend has come to represent the unofficial start of summer, filled with celebrations, barbecues, and sales, we encourage you to take time to reflect and remember our fallen service members. Consider volunteering some time to help place flags at a National Cemetery, volunteer at your local USO or support a Gold Star Families event or initiative.

All Gave Some, Some Gave All

This Memorial Day Weekend, join us in honoring all of those that have made our freedom possible. If not for them, our opportunities to pursue our dreams would be extremely limited. We want to thank all those who have served or are currently serving our Country. We extended our deepest gratitude to those who gave their lives in service and to the Gold Star families grieving their loss.

Memorial Day Weekend Discount

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Flag Retirement Service – Arwood Waste


Honor, Freedom, and Respect – Free Flag Retirement Service from Arwood Waste

The U.S. flag is a beacon to the world of those core American values that we hold most dear–Freedom, Honor, Justice and Respect. The ‘Stars and Stripes’ will always represent those values and serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made to protect and defend them. And while those values live on, each physical U.S. flag eventually reaches the end of their life-span.

If you have a damaged, faded or old U.S. flag, Arwood Waste is honored to properly dispose of it as a free public service. Each year, in conjunction with Flag Day and in partnership with local Boy Scout Troops and local U.S. Military, Arwood Waste holds a Flag Retirement Ceremony.

How To Participate

1. Send us your Flag.

Drop off your U.S. flag at any Arwood Waste location during regular business hours or mail your flag to our corporate offices:

Arwood Waste
13255 Lanier Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32226

2. We will retire your flag.

Arwood Waste stores all U.S. flags received and holds a Flag Retirement Ceremony in conjunction with Flag Day each year during which all collected flags are respectfully and properly disposed of. We’d be honored to include yours.

3. Share with a Friend.

Properly retiring a flag is not a process that everyone is familiar with. Why not let your friends and families know about this free community service from Arwood Waste?

Arwood Waste is proud to offer this public service at no charge.

Original Photo: Georgia National Guard

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Medical Waste 360 is here to help you prevent unintentional finger sticks and take the worry out of sharps disposal. Every day more and more Americans are prescribed at home treatments involving the use of lancets, syringes, needles or auto injectors. These devices are often referred to as “Sharps” because of their sharp points or blades used to puncture skin for the purpose of drawing blood or administering medications. This leads to approximately 3 billion used needles and other sharps that must be disposed of outside of health care facilities each year.

Medical Waste 360 | A Trusted Partner for Sharps Storage and Disposal

Learn How To Protect Your Friends & Family

Once a needle or “sharp” has been used, it must be properly and safely disposed of to prevent unintentional sticks and transmission of bodily fluids. Throwing your syringe in the trash opens your family and friends up to potential harm because these devices easily poke through trash bags and waste baskets.

Medical Waste 360 offers the best containers and medical gloves to keep you and your family protected with affordable prices, easy online ordering and free biohazard waste disposal once your sharps container is full.

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Happy Mother’s Day from Arwood Waste

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Happy Mother’s Day from Arwood Waste and Partners!

Arwood Waste wants to wish all of the mothers out there a relaxing and joyful Mother’s Day.

Being a mother is hard work. We respect and admire your perseverance and strength. For all the hugs you give, the meals you cook, the laundry you wash and the boo-boos you kiss, we thank you.

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” -Cardinal Mermillod

This weekend, do something special for your mother, or the motherly figure in your life. Take her out to a Mother’s Day brunch, surprise her with a bouquet of flowers or schedule a special date to revisit a childhood memory, like a trip to the zoo or a walk at the park. Whatever you do, be sure to take the time to show her how much you love and appreciate her for all the hard work and love she willing gives every day.

Gift Mom a Clean House

If your old junk is still crowding up Mom’s house, send her the gift of junk removal this Mother’s Day. At Arwood Junk, our junk removal experts will load, haul and responsibly dispose of your unwanted junk.

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Spring 2018 Reminder: Arwood Waste Wants to Celebrate All the Holidays with You Too!

Holiday Waste Pickup Schedule

Arwood Waste wants to celebrate all the holidays with you too. This is why we created a Holiday Pick-up schedule so you can make arrangements and placement of your waste material while we spend time with our families. Businesses that currently receive collection may have different schedules and procedures than residential customers since business garbage is normally collected separately from residential garbage.

Call us toll free at 1-800-477-0854 today and ask us how we can save you time and money.

Collection service will be postponed by one day following these holidays:

  • New Year’s Day – No Service on January 1st. One day delay. Example; Monday collection day will be serviced on Tuesday.
  • Memorial Day – No Service on the last Monday of May. One day delay. Monday collection day will be serviced on Tuesday.
  • Fourth of July – No Service on July 4th. One day delay. Wednesday collection day will be serviced on Thursday.
  • Labor Day – No Service on the first Monday of September. One day delay. Monday collection day will be serviced on Tuesday.
  • Halloween Day – We will be providing service on October 31st. If the route is delayed and cannot be finished before dusk we will finish the route the next business day.
  • Thanksgiving Day – No Service on the fourth Thursday of November. One day delay. Thursday collection day will be serviced on Friday.
  • Christmas Day – No Service on December 25th. One day delay. Example; Tuesday collection day will be serviced on Wednesday.
  • National Garbage Man Day – We will be providing service on June 17th as scheduled. Please remember to throw up your hand with a simple smile and say “Thank You”.

Due to the one day postponement, the collection of containers is resumed as follows: If the holiday is on a Monday, then the Monday collection will occur on Tuesday, Tuesday collection will occur on Wednesday, and so on. If the holiday is on a Thursday, then the Thursday collection will occur on Friday and Friday collection will occur on Saturday for that week only. On all other holidays, normal collection of containers will occur. If a holiday falls on the weekend, then pickups will run on a normal schedule unless otherwise specified.

Arwood Waste is a nationwide provider of waste management and portable storage solutions.

Based in Jacksonville, FL, Arwood Waste is the nation’s most trusted privately-owned waste management provider. The professionals at Arwood Waste have more than 30 years’ experience providing services that include recycling, site clean-up, portable restrooms, compactors,demolition, dumpster rentals, portable storagejunk removalmedical wastecurbside pick-up and temporary fencing and barricade rentals.